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This quick & easy fried crispy calamari-garlic & herb Nothing beats fresh seafood and if you are lucky enough to catch yourself some squid, this is a family favourite recipe we thought we would share that’s quick, simple and a guaranteed thumbs up from the whole family.


  • Fresh calamari
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Garlic powder
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Herb & Garlic Breadcrumbs
boy with giant squid

My oldest son catching a Kraken

This bad boy was caught fresh from Westernport Bay, but if you don’t have a fisherperson in the family just grab some squid or calamari tubes from your local seafood market, less mess!

**HOT TIP** Don’t cut your calamari too thin and try to keep a consistent size so they cook evenly. Cutting the squid tubes about ¾ inch thick will insure a crispy golden-brown outside with a beautifully tender inside.

cutting calamari tubes with knife

This is where you can get the kids in to help!

Preparing the squid coating, one bowl with a mix of flour, salt & garlic powder, next bowl a simple egg wash (just eggs mixed with a touch of milk) and the third bowl is the secret ingredient, Herb and Garlic Breadcrumbs, it comes in a box from Coles or Woolworths.

box of breadcrumbs

I find it easier to grab a handful at a time covering the calamari in a light coating of flour mix then dunk into the egg wash and finish off by coating in the breadcrumbs, it’s as easy as that!

Fill a wok or pan with oil and let heat, grab yourself a plate with paper towels to drain any access oil after frying and a metal scoop or strainer ready to fish out your crispy calamari. If you have a chip frier even better but any pan will do.

To check the oil is ready throw in 1 ring and watch for small bubbles to form around the calamari and it should float to the top, when this happens, you’re ready to start frying. Cook in batches depending on the pan size to keep the temperature consistent. Cook until they will turn golden brown, approx 3 minutes, drain off on the paper towel and serve up fast with a slice of lemon, but in our family, we grab some tartare sauce for the perfect dipping companion.

frying fresh calamari rings on a stove

Fry calamari in batches

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