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Our Process

Unique Custom Homes will guide you through the building process and timeline for building your new home, with no hidden surprises, we now how overwhelming it can be to build your home and will take all the stress out of the project, making it an enjoyable and happy experience from start to finish, so you can sit back and enjoy your coastal lifestyle.

Meet & Greet:

Sit down with our staff and discuss your ideas, design concepts, budget and any other queries you may have.

Design Development:

Your house plans are customised to suit your needs, planning and rough drafts are sketched out.


We will work together to choose colour schemes, materials, fittings, appliances etc. Selecting to meet your desires while keeping in budget.


Working drawing and specifications are prepared for your approval allowing Unique Custom Homes to prepare your site for its new home.

Construction begins:

From breaking ground through to lock up! Unique Custom Homes ensures the project finishes on time and on budget.

Final Inspections:

You are invited to inspect all areas of your new home. The builder will explain the features warranties and maintenance requirements and you can final picture where you are going to put your furniture.


It’s time to move in… Grab your keys and start enjoying your beautiful new home!