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New Rules- How to Build a Granny Flat without a permit (Victoria)

We have excellent news if you happen to live in Victoria. As of 1 December 2023, the Victorian government has introduced changes to the planning requirements for granny flats, which has removed a lot of the restrictions that were previously placed upon you.



What are these New Rules?


  • Granny flats that are less than 60 square metres no longer need a planning permit, if your property is bigger than 300 square metres and has no environmental overlays or flooding.


  • There will be no restrictions on how that small home can be used. You can use them to house family members, provide temporary housing for others, or even rent them out to earn yourself rental income.


Yes, really. The Government have made it easier for you to build that second dwelling on your property. Helping families live together and grow old together, & not be priced out of the market, it also boosts the supply of houses across the state at the same time.

You will no longer have to worry about getting planning approval, and you can rent it out to whomever you like. What will your obligations be then?

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These small second houses will still require:


  • A building permit, meaning that whilst you may not need permission to use your own land (that is, the planning permit), you must still obey regulations for construction and design.
  • To meet the ResCode (residential design code) setback and siting regulations.


You can also not subdivide the land or sell the granny flat separately from your main home.

blueprint of a tiny home


Please check with your local Council as to their exact regulations on granny flats – these may include size, conditions for privacy, and other guidelines, as all Councils do have different rules.

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