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Before signing with a builder ……



We have all heard of someone who has unfortunately been taken for a ride by a “cowboy” builder or had a renovation go drastically wrong.


The good news is the government are actually getting tougher on unregistered builders, the bad news is there is still a lot of tradies doing works they are not qualified or insured to take on.


This is where you come in, asking some simple questions, and doing a quick internet check may save you $$$$ in the long run.


Renovating or building a new home is expensive enough but to have something go wrong and not be covered by insurance or warranties could lead to a huge loss having to pay someone else to fix it. So, before you say yes to your builder here are 5 things you should check.





1. Are you registered?

Check that your builder is registered with the Building Practitioners Board in your state.  If you’re looking to engage a builder to carry out domestic building work over $10k they must be registered. Ask for their registration number and double check their registration on the building authority website in your state. This is the link for Victoria. https://consumer.etoolbox.buildingcommission.com.au/Pages/Search.aspx





2. Do you have insurance?

For a builder to undertake any works valued at more than $16,000 they must take out Domestic building insurance (also called builders warranty insurance) for the project. The amount may vary from state to state so please do your own research as to what the requirements are in your state.

This type of insurance protects you if your builder dies, becomes insolvent (goes broke) or simply disappears.

Learn more about this from the Consumer Affairs website for your state.  Here’s a link for the Victoria https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/building/renewals-other-requirements/building-insurance-requirements



3. Public Liability Insurance?

Ask your builder to provide you with a certificate of their current public liability policy. No matter how good your builder may be, accidents do happen which means they can be covered no matter how big the project they have taking on.



4. Previous projects & recommendations

Check out their socials and website for previous projects, the internet is great for finding out if your builder has had issues & you should stay away. Research them properly don’t just go by a 5-star rating they may have given themselves.



5. Communication

Is your builder straight forward with you and honest. You need to be comfortable enough that you can ask questions and know that your builder is helpful with any issues you may have. Your relationship with your builder should be a solid one, so listen to your gut if they try to dodge answering the hard questions don’t sign the contract.









Looking for a local Builder for your next project?

Unique Custom Homes is a local, licenced builder with 30 years building experience. As a local builder, located in Corinella, we service the Bass Coast, Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsula area and understand how to maximise design potential for views and lifestyle, while ensuring a quality build that will last a lifetime.

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