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Every year people want to know what the most popular interior home colours are. With thousands of different colours to choose from, selecting the right paint is essential to any home. So let’s see what the professionals have chosen as the best interior house paint colours in Australia.

Why are whites so popular?

Apart from it looking clean, fresh, and bright, white can add warmth to a room creating a homely feel.

White is a neutral tone that makes it easy to pair different textures and colours with, so if you have limited interior design skills, white is the perfect choice for a safe blank canvas that you can then experiment with. Simply by adding different colours and textures in the furnishings, rugs, paintings, and cushions you can create the perfect design palette and if you get it wrong you don’t have to repaint the whole house.

Another reason people are choosing white is its so cost effective. Think about it if you’re going to get your house painted it would be cheaper to get it spayed all in white than having a different colour for the ceiling, trims and doors, no cutting in which it very time consuming and therefore an extra cost. It would also be able to paint the whole house much faster if you stick to the one colour.

It looks like white is a good choice of colour, but which white you ask?

3 most popular white colours from Dulux are:

Natural White-

Neutral white has a subtle warm as is one of the most popular!

Antique White U.S.A-

This warm white is a classic timeless colour which is great for inside or out!


Is a cool modern colour with hints of blue creating a bright fresh look, perfect for open plan living.

What’s the difference between cool and warm white?

A cool white is great for rooms that have lots of natural sunlight shining in, with undertones of black, blue & green. The sunlight bounces off the cooler white making it feel warmer.

The warm whites have an undertone of yellow and browns perfect for adding a cosy warm feel to rooms that don’t see a lot of natural sunlight.

Before you choose which white is right for you, it is a great idea to get a sample pot of both cold and warm white and paint a big section side by side. Apply two coats and let it dry completely, checking the colours at different times of day, in natural sunlight and artificial light before selecting will assure you choose the right tone for your home and you won’t have to get the painter back to redo it.

If you want a timeless modern look in your home white is the colour for you, and if you’re not confident picking colours for your trims and doors keep to the same white chose but in a semi-gloss is the best advice.

If you are looking to pair white with colours it’s all about the natural, back to nature tones with green-grey being the most sought after in 2022, but my advise to you is pick a colour you like as you are the one who is going to be looking at it every day!

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